Just Big Stuff Nursery was opened in 2002 to fulfill a need that Manny Garcia saw in the plant nursery industry.  As his client's requests for 7, 10, 15, and 25 gallon plant material became much more frequent, he knew he had to dedicate himself to growing "Just Big Stuff" to supply his clients.  

The Garcia Family

Manny & Michelle Garcia are both Miami natives. Getting into the plant nursery business was all Manny's idea. Manny is a first generation Cuban American and a proud graduate of Miami Senior High School. His love for the agriculture industry came from his grandfather, Pedro Cao, who ran a small lawn maintenance business in the Allapattah neighborhood of Miami-Dade County.  Manny takes great pride in his younger years cutting grass with his Abuelo Pedro during summer breaks and on weekends, starting in elementary school.  His plant nursery is what keeps the memory of Abuelo Pedro alive (he passed away in 2015).  Manny's first position in the nursery industry was in 1997 when he took a position as an account manager for a grower that supplied material to the chain stores; such as Home Depot, Builder's Square, and Lowe's. In January, 1999, he decided it was time go out on his own and he opened Classical Plant Brokers...and that is where the story begins.

Manny runs the day to day operations of Just Big Stuff Nursery and Classical Plant Services (a/k/a JBS Plants), while Michelle helps him with the office matters.  They are the proud parents of 3 children (Taylor, Samantha and Zachary) their greatest accomplishments.

Over the last 20 years, Manny and Michelle have faced some tough challenges in this business.  What they have learned is if they focus on the goal of keeping their clients happy, grow or locate the BEST plant material available and make sure their "WORD" is worth more than the balance of their bank account...success is inevitable. They both feel that through their businesses, they are also being role models for their two sons (Taylor & Zachary) and showing them that anything you work hard at can be a success. Manny & Michelle look forward to the day when their boys are working together running and growing what they started. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to gain our client's trust by providing outstanding customer service, timely deliveries and top quality plant material.  We want to build long term relationships with our clients that will benefit everyone financially. 


Our financial success will allow us to live by our motto:


"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  Winston Churchill


We will consider our business a true success when we are able to use a large portion of our profits to support our church and local charities, including the non-profit we started for children that live with Cerebral Palsy, Samantha's Purpose.  

Charity Involvement

Manny and Michelle take great pride in their commitment to the community.  Their only daughter, Samantha, has Cerebral Palsy.  This disability has left her wheelchair bound, non-verbal and she requires 24/7 care.  Their daughter changed how they view life and business.  They co-founded a non-profit for children with Cerebral Palsy called "Samantha's Purpose" and together they have spearheaded, since 2014, the campaign to raise Cerebral Palsy Awareness in South Florida and organize the only CP Awareness event in the area once a year at the beginning of March.

Manny is a founding member of M.A.P.S. (Miami Senior High School Alumni Professional Society).  Every year this group provides technology packages to a select group of seniors graduating from Miami Senior High School.

Throughout the years, The Garcia Family and Just Big Stuff Nursery are proud to have supported various organizations through sponsorship or in-kind donations:

PKD Foundation - St. Ann's Catholic School (Naples, Florida) - St. Kevin's Catholic School (Miami, Florida) St. John Neumann Catholic School (Miami, Florida) - Alexander Montessori School (Miami, Florida)  Hammocks Police Department (through Commissioner Juan Zapata's Office) - Hands on Miami - The Guayabera Lady Foundation - The X Family Foundation - Great Heights Academy - Chapman Partnership March of Dimes - Good Hope Equestrian Center - South Miami Child Development Center - South Miami Hospital Foundation - Blossom's Therapy Center - Carol City Alumni Association - Miami MacArthur Educational Center - Kyan's Kause - RYAN Sports

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